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Finance Intern


Russell Capital Management is proud to partner with the University of Kentucky in offering student internships throughout the year. Working with the undergraduate Gatton College of Business and Economics, prospective interns go through an application and interview process before being selected to join our firm for a semester. The students receive class credit for their work. They are involved in the practical, day-to-day operations of the firm, which may include assisting our advisors with research. Or, they could be working with our chief technology officer in developing a new financial analysis program or any number of other current, interesting initiatives. We value their young expertise and perspective. 

An intern will be assigned two independent projects during their time with us. He or she will develop a stock portfolio for a prospective client and present the proposal in a role-playing exercise. An intern will also be assigned a research project based on the most current economic and financial innovations that may offer our clients an investment opportunity. Recent projects include 3D printing, drones, and the latest medical lab technologies. We want our intern program to be highly relevant, practical and educational. Without exception, the University of Kentucky sends us their best and brightest students. Consequently, our interns never fail to find outstanding employment opportunities after graduation.

Click here for more information on our intern program, or contact our Internship Coordinator, Keith Day, at, 859.254.5225.


Anne Boggess, Fall 2019
Research Project: Medical Devices in Home Health Care

Allison Corley, Fall 2018
Research Project: Lithium Battery Industry

Wyatt Terrell, Spring 2018
Research Project: Blockchain

Tyler Harris, Spring 2017   
Research Project: The Push For Biometric Security

These are student projects and are not recommendations of Russell Capital Management.