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RCM has longstanding experience in managing institutional accounts for tax-exempt organizations with varying goals and objectives. Whether it's an endowment, private foundation or public charity, RCM manages investment accounts from the creation of the charitable vehicle to the distribution of the accumulated income. We manage donor advised funds, individual and corporate charitable funds, and charitable trusts; and we can also work through local community foundations such as Blue Grass Community Foundation. If there is a philanthropic goal, then we're equipped to manage it.

Once the nature of the gift has been determined and established, there are three main components to structuring and managing charitable funds. First, an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) must be established. The IPS guides a charitable organization through the process of establishing a governing document for the management of their philanthropic funds. This ensures consistent investment practices over time and serves as a formal guide to hold future committees and advisors accountable. Second, an investment strategy must be designed. RCM employs a proprietary indexing strategy as well as a liquid alternatives strategy under appropriate circumstances. The goal is to achieve/exceed an organization's benchmark return objective under a reduced risk (volatility) system. This system balances risk and return, and the associated investment expenses. Third, RCM provides straightforward performance and fee reporting. We customize reporting to specifically meet the needs of committees or individuals to ensure fiduciary responsibilities are met. All information is captured online and immediately available for use with accurate, up-to-date and historical perspectives.