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Russell Capital joins WTVQ as their resident 'Financial Expert'

Russell Capital joins WTVQ as their resident 'Financial Expert'

March 29, 2021

Russell Capital Management has partnered with the news station, WTVQ, on their “Ask the Expert” series. The series offers advice from “experts” in various career fields. Russell Capital has been given the opportunity to be WTVQ’s “financial expert.” Each week, you will get the chance to hear from a different expert at Russell Capital.

            In our most recent interview with Tom Kenny, founding partner and CEO, Jack Russell, shares his expertise on interest rates. Jack informs us that interest rates are currently low; however, we shouldn’t wait around for them to go any lower. No one can predict the future of interest rates and there will always be an associated risk due to their variability. We need to go ahead and take advantage of the low interest rates, as they are very unpredictable. Don’t hesitate to make the most of the current rates, as we don’t know what could happen tomorrow.

Please join us on WTVQ weekly to hear the latest financial advice from our experts.