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What We Do


Russell Capital Management serves as the trusted advisor and financial manager for working and retired professionals, multi-generational families, companies and charitable foundations. Simply put: our job is to create and preserve wealth. We focus on portfolio growth tempered with a vigilant oversight of downside risk. As a Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm, we gladly accept fiduciary responsibility for the wise management of our clients' money. This is the highest level of accountability in our industry. Our extensive experience allows us to be highly responsive, while providing customized solutions in a holistic approach to wealth management.

We see ourselves as financial architects, helping our clients coordinate all aspects of their financial lives so that our client families can best meet their life goals. Often this will entail addressing important trust and estate issues and include working closely with your other tax, legal and insurance professionals. Striving to work in an environment that is free of conflict of interest, we are paid a fee for our services based on the value of the assets we manage for each client. Because we do not sell products and we are not attached to a bank or brokerage firm, our client and advisor interests are mutually aligned.


Russell Capital Management employs unique strategies in the management of our clients' money.

  • Actively managed portfolios based on proprietary, customized asset allocation models using Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's); structured to meet individual client investment goals and risk tolerances
  • Blended, multi-cap portfolios using individual stocks, bonds and mutual funds created using our proprietary equity research analysis. Each portfolio is individually customized based on the client’s growth / risk expectations and current equity evaluations.
  • Aggressive growth model portfolios created to anticipate superior market performance in specific niche stocks; based on demographic, economic and equity market patterns
  • Liquid, alternative investment solutions as a part of our advanced strategies portfolio

Our clients may choose to use any or all of our investment strategies, considering which approach is best suited to their personal situation or fiduciary responsibility.


A stylized version of the Thomas Jefferson designed Rotunda serves as our logo. This represents the goals we have for our investments and our client relationships:

  • Enduring quality
  • Long-standing strength
  • Structural balance
  • Unity of purpose