• Overview

    Our Social Impact Portfolio can help you support the following initiatives:

    •Animal Welfare
    •The Environment
    •Workplace Diversity & Safety
    •Public Health
    •Women's Empowerment
    •Social Justice
    •International Impact
    •Community Investment

    The Portfolio is compsed of three, ESG-focused parts:

    1. A Core of Stocks - U.S. stock funds screened by Russell Capital for ESG adherence and investment quality

    2. A Core of Bonds - U.S. bonds funds screened by Russell Capital for ESG adherence and investment quality

    3. Emphasis Layer(s) - optional layers that allow you to "tilt" your customized portfolio towards certain initiatives, such as Women's Empowerment, Community Investment, International Impact, or The Environment

    Your percentage asset allocation of stocks and bonds will be based on your risk tolerance and long-term investment goals, just as in any other non-ESG strategic investment methodology.

  • Core

    Core Stocks
    The Core Stocks seek to invest in funds with proven track records of strict ESG adherence. These funds typically invest in companies that provide positive leadership in their sector while also excluding those that do not meet the rigorous ESG standards. These funds also avoid investing in companies with significant revenue from alcohol, tobacco, weapons and gambling.

    Core Bonds
    The Core Bonds invest in bond funds with positive performance on Environmental, Social, and Governance criteria, and seek a favorable long-term return through income and capital appreciation.

  • Emphasis Layers

    Women's Empowerment
    The Women’s Empowerment layer invests in companies with high levels of gender diversity and women in leadership roles from corporate board level advisors to the executive ranks. It seeks companies who have policies and programs aimed at advancing women’s leadership.

    The Environment layer seeks to invest in companies with high resource efficiency and those that actively mitigate depletion of natural capital. A combination of inclusive, exclusive and best-in-class screens are used to evaluate companies with significant involvement in fossil fuels, nuclear power and GMOs.

    International Impact
    The International Impact layer applies socially responsible investing methodologies on a worldwide scale. This layer focuses on countries outside of the U.S., from developed economies to emerging markets.

    Community Investment
    The Community Investment layer is composed of bonds that invest in securities qualified under the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977. The focus is on single family, multi-family, and economic development loans (many in low-income communities).