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October 05, 2016
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In our quest to better serve our clients' needs, we invited two attorneys from an Elder Care Law Firm to our monthly Russell Capital Advisor luncheon last week where they shared with us their expertise and experience in this very complex area of life planning and implementation. They covered elder care, Social Security disability, special needs planning, and veteran benefits. Knowledge gained from this presentation will assist us to better recognize the need for these benefits when meeting with our clients.     

    1. Elder Care: Protecting and providing for family members at their most vulnerable times is a top concern. Our luncheon speakers covered planning techniques that can preserve much if not all family resources against the cost of nursing home care, as well as legal issues such as ways to avoid getting stuck in arbitration with nursing care facilities.  

    1. Social Security Disability: Social Security Disability: Many people are not aware that to qualify for Social Security disability benefits the family or applicant's income or assets are not taken into consideration, therefore people of means do not normally consider social security disability as an option when unable to work. Applying for disability is a lengthy and complex process; an experienced and qualified social security disability attorney can ease the process and do all of the work for a fee mandated by the Social Security Administration.    

    1. Special Needs Planning: Any family with special needs children or siblings should understand the benefits of having special needs trust language in their estate plan. This type of trust will protect public benefits eligibility for the special needs individual and make any inheritance or resources of the trust available for supplemental care.     

  1. Veteran Benefits: Among other benefits, military service member can receive expedited processing of disability claims from Social Security. However, benefits available through Social Security are different from those through the Department of Veterans Affairs and require a separate application. There are many benefits available to Veterans and their families that many potential recipients are unaware exist. An accredited Veteran Benefits Attorney can help the veteran navigate the system, apply for and receive benefits.  

These topics are complex and require careful consideration as you navigate the many choices available to you. If you have a question, get in touch with your Russell Capital advisor who can discuss the options available to you and point you to the appropriate legal resource to make the best decision for your family. The attorneys do not charge a fee to meet with you and discuss your case.  

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