Spring has come to the Bluegrass. The Keeneland meet starts this week. Duke did not win the NCAA basketball championship. No one is talking about reinstating the 18th amendment. In Kentucky, all seems well with the world…  

Stock prices continued to climb during the first quarter. We remain cautiously optimistic that equity valuations will remain in line with reasonable corporate earnings growth rates. It is a good sign that the Federal Reserve remains inclined to raise interest rates and that the economy is moving toward even “fuller” employment. There will certainly be pullbacks in the stock market. However, we are comfortable with our growth prospects for the medium and long term.

Recently I have worked with several clients on estate and trust planning. If you have not revisited your estate planning recently, please give me call. I would love to help you to be sure you have everything in order for a seamless transition of wealth to your loved ones and your favorite charities.

We are very grateful for the relationship we share with you and all clients.

Enjoy the spring!

Posted by David Dowell

David Dowell is a senior partner and Chief Operating Officer of our firm. As a wealth advisor he works very closely with his clients and their families to help them meet their financial and life goals. Read more ›