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January 14, 2016
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A “Homegrown Classic”

Justin Sautter, senior partner and wealth manager at Russell Capital, was recently featured in the “Homegrown Classics” section of Sayre School’s magazine The Podium. “Homegrown Classics” highlights individuals and families connected to Sayre who embody the school’s long legacy of stewardship and community service in their professional and personal lives. In the many roles Justin fills — Russell Capital wealth manager, fifth generation farmer at Walnut Hill Stock Farm, Joint Master for the Woodford Hounds and board member of Sayre School, The Kentucky Horse Park, The Stable of Memories and the Woodford Hounds — he is commited to preserving the wealth of Kentucky’s people, farmland and traditions.  

The article, which covers everything from Justin’s focused career path to his favorite Kentucky restaurants, can be found at the link below. 


On a Monday afternoon, The Podium spent some quality time with another Sayre school alumnus who could readily be considered a “Homegrown classic.” Raised on his family’s Walnut Hall Stock Farm, Justin and his brother Willis ’88 spent their formative years at Sayre before heading on to boarding school in the East and carving out careers in finance and law…”

Of the many different hats you wear, other than father, husband, and son, which means the most to you? “My role as a Joint Master of the Woodford Hounds and as a financial advisor are fundamentally the same. They both show that there are people who trust my judgement and are confident that I will make good decisions on their behalf. That trust means a lot to me and I’m honored by.” 

What is your favorite restaurant in Central Kentucky? Why? “I’d have to go with Sayre Alumnus Cole Arimes’ restaurant on East Main Street – Cole’s at 735 Main in Lexington. Why? The tempura avocado and grit fries for starters.”

Click here to view the full article (starts on page 20).